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Five creative ways to incorporate your wedding hashtag in your photo booth experience

You’ve racked your brain trying to come up with the most creative hashtag that best expresses your love. You want to make sure you are using your great hashtag to its full potential so you're able to have ALL the memories from your special day. Check out the five ways below on how your wedding hashtag can be incorporated in your wedding photo booth rental:

1. Instagram Printing

Our print booth offers a cool feature called Instagram printing. This feature will pull all the photos posted to Instagram with your wedding hashtag and download them into its own gallery. What this means is that you don't have to go searching Instagram for your hashtag and collecting the photos, we’ll do all the work for you! Bonus benefit: Our booth can automatically print these hashtag photos during your reception so you have a physical copy to add to your scrapbook album. Double the memories!

2. Custom Hashtag Prop

Adding a custom hashtag prop is a simple way to incorporate your wedding hashtag in the picture. You can customize these prop signs to match your wedding color and they are inexpensive to get. You also get to keep the personalized prop for yourself!

3. On the Photo Print Template

We customize every photo print to match your wedding style and we can include your wedding hashtag on the print in a way that flows with the overall template design. The photo print can also be doubled as wedding favors so it’s an easy way to incorporate your wedding hashtag on something that guests will actually want to keep.

4. Custom Touch to Start Screen

A creative way to display your wedding hashtag is by including it on the photo booth touch to start screen. When guests start their photo session, the first thing they will see is your wedding hashtag which will serve as a reminder to share their picture on social media. The custom touch to start screen will also match your wedding colors and style.

5. Photo Backdrop

How can guests forget your wedding hashtag when its apart of the photo backdrop! Adding a custom sign to your photo backdrop (think neon signs!) or even a custom printed backdrop will sure serve as a clear reminder of your creative hashtag.

So which one of these appeals to you the most?

Contact Stunning Shots, we take pride in making your photo booth experience truly unforgettable!


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