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Questions to ask about your photo booth experience

Photo booths have evolved to become these unique photo experiences. Every part of your photo booth rental service can be customized to match your wedding style and theme. Check out the questions below to be sure your photo booth experience matches your vision.

  1. Print or Digital? Print, Digital, Video, decide which photo booth matches your personality and what your guests will find fun. Older guests may find prints to be important while the younger crowd may like to just have a digital copy of the pictures to share on social media. Some photo booth experiences offer both services. You want to go with a photo booth that all guests will find interactive and useful.

  2. How can it match your theme? With all the planning and little details you envisioned for your big day, your wedding photo booth rental service should match and fit into that vison. Open air style photo booths are flexible in that you can choose the background your guests take pictures in front it. You can even get creative and come up with your own background. Be sure that your prints or digital media are customized with your wedding colors or theme.

  3. Extra features? Boomerangs, animated gifs, glam black and white filter, custom overlays, the possibilities are endless. There are so many features that can make your photo booth experience truly unique. Come up with a custom package that will make for a memorable experience.

  4. Will you get a copy of all the pictures? Guest experience is important but photo booths are awesome in that you get an extra set of the media to look back on. Scrapbook albums are fun because you get a physical copy of the pictures and guests can leave you a special message next to the picture. If you get access to an online gallery, you can share those pictures with others and it makes for easy social media sharing.

  5. Will there be any photo attendants? Depending on what type of photo booth you chose, you would want friendly attendants there to help with the guests. This could be for making sure each guest gets their picture, pose tips/suggestions, or for changing the print ink/media.

These are some of the most important questions you'll want to ask your photo booth vendor. We'll love to help you create the ultimate photo booth experience! Get in touch below to schedule a 15 minute chat so we can discuss all the details.


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