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Retro Audio Guestbook

Through all the wedding planning and small details that make up your special day, you'll want something memorable to relive it all . You'll have your photos from the photographer and maybe even a video, but what about something that tells you exactly how much fun your guests had? Our retro audio guestbook will provide just that! Its an unique, nontraditional guestbook idea that's makes it easy for your guests to express how much fun they had, unlike traditional guestbooks.

Wedding audio guestbook

It works in 3 simple steps:

1. Pick up the phone.

2. Listen to the greeting.

3. Record a message then hang up.

Easy enough that guests of all ages can understand. Our metro Detroit retro audio guestbook adds a fun element to your event while creating memories. From the drunken messages from your friends, to your grandma sweet words, you'll have these memories to listen to forever!

Check out a few examples below!

Get these voicemails in a branded mp4 file just like the above. Perfect for social media sharing. Get in touch below to reserve this for your special day!

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