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"Ring, Ring, Ring". Introducing our retro audio guestbook, a unique take on the traditional guestbook. Imagine preserving audio recordings from your special day. You never know what you might capture. It may be the father of the bride, delivering a choked up message for his baby girl, or the boisterous laughter of a little brother, known best for his witty antics. Our retro audio guestbook records the voices and emotion of your guests and creates an audible memory you can save forever. No more one word, hand written "Congrats" messages, you'll be able to hear the actual voices of well-wishing loved ones. Turn these messages into a vinyl record, post on social media, or just keep to reminisce, you won't regret having these audio recordings. Every message will truly be unique. 

It also serves as a form of entertainment for your guests. Guest experience is important, and adding unique elements to your wedding will surely help it to be more memorable. Ultimately, its a fun wedding festivity that delivers the added bonus of voice-recorded well wishes. It’s a win for both the happy couple and event guests. No more searching Pinterest for unique wedding guestbook ideas! 

Client Love

"I would give 10 stars if I could! Stunning shots photobooth was such a pleasure to work with! Whitney was a dream and so easy to work with! The set up was amazing and added so much to our special day! 100% recommend for your wedding or any other special event!"

It works in 3 easy steps:

1. Guests pick up the receiver and listen to your custom greeting.

2. After the tone, they leave a funny, heartfelt or sentimental message.

3. They hang up. Message saved!


Personalize the experience with a custom greeting

Create a custom greeting that guests will hear before leaving a message. Make it fun or funny, but most importantly make it you!

Get Real and Genuine Voice Messages like these: 




  • Drop off/Pick up Service

  • Full Day Rental 

  • Unlimited Voice Messages

  • Custom Greeting

  • Audio Guestbook Table Sign-Give instructions and tips to assist guests

  • Dial in number- Allows guests who are not able to physically attend your event, dial in and leave a message!

  • Branded mp4 waveform videos-perfect for sharing on social media!

  • Digital download of all voice messages

  • Backdrop- 33'x81' banner designed to draw attention to the phone

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